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The Elms Golf Club in Sandy Creek, NY is a public golf course that opened in 1930. This golf course has at least 18 holes. Designed by Frank Pizzuto, The Elms Golf Club measures 6087 yards from the longest tees and has a slope rating of 110 and a 68 USGA rating. The course features three sets of tees for different skill levels. A northern New York golf masterpiece - when on the golf course it seems that you are miles away from civilization, and yet the Elms Golf Club is less than 15 minutes from Watertown, NY and 45 minutes from Syracuse NY.

Amenities include a full service pro shop with competitive pricing on all merchandise and special orders on most brand name golf clubs. We have a driving range and a large practice green as well. Choose The Elms Golf Course as your course to host your next tournament with our wide array of packages to suit your needs. Big or Small, we do it all - planning, prizes, food, and more! Contact us for special rates for tournaments or big groups.

The Elms Clubhouse is a family-owned restaurant, bar, and event venue available to the public for visitors. The kitchen is fully functional with bain-marie servery for hot foods, along with the grills and deep fryers. Refrigerators, freezers and a massive walk-in cold room will be ample for all needs for the functions. The well-stocked bar features a wide range of beer, wines and spirits and can add any special liquor requests for the special days.

So, if you are planning to have a big day in your life or in the life of a family member, then consider the use of the Elms Golf Club, a wonderful venue that won’t destroy the budget. All tastes can be catered for and your guests will not go away disappointed.

How to play golf

The rules of the game of golf will help beginners to understand the basic terminology and etiquette inherent in this sport. Despite the fact that golf used to be considered a truly masculine sport, they even said about it "Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden", which means "Only for men, forbidden to women", now the beautiful half of humanity shows itself perfectly on golf courses. Therefore, it will be interesting for both men and women to play golf, follow sports battles and just understand the rules.

The history of the origin of golf

There were mentions of golf at different times, so historians are still arguing whether Scotland really became the progenitor of this sport. Many of them persistently claim that golf appeared in the Roman Empire, where part of the warriors' training was moving a ball stuffed with feathers across the field with bent sticks. This was done for better weapon control during battles. Other references refer to the Chinese Ming Dynasty, on one of the scrolls that have survived to the present day, the emperor hammers a ball into a hole with a stick. In England and France, there are also stained glass windows and frescoes in which the nobility is depicted playing a game resembling golf.

The official country of origin of golf is Scotland. Historians say that the game was invented by shepherds who are bored when grazing cattle. They played with bent sticks and pebbles, trying to hammer them into rabbit holes. In 1457, there was even a royal decree that forbade this game. The prerequisite for the creation of the law was that the soldiers avoided preparing for military action against England by playing golf and football. After that, several more similar prohibitions came out, but they did not have much force, the shepherds, and the military, continued to play. The lifting of prohibitions and the first rules of golf appeared in 1502 under King James IV, who himself became interested in this sport.

Because of the king's passion and the local nobility began to play golf, the first equipped courses, etiquette and rules appear. During the 16th century, golf began to seep into other countries, becoming an international sport. In 1900, for the first time, teams of golfers compete at the Olympic Games.

Popular golf terms

In golf, there is its own terminology for denoting certain game situations. Those who decided to get acquainted with a mysterious and interesting sport definitely need to learn about what the basic elements are called in order to understand what is happening on the field. Among the most common terms:

  1. An iron is a club with a flat hook at the base.
  2. Albatross — used to denote holes with more than 5 pairs, means the number of strokes, 3 less than a pair.
  3. Birdie putts, 1 less than a couple of holes.
  4. Boggy strokes, 1 more pair of holes.
  5. The break slope of the green is created artificially so that the ball rolls to the side, and the game is more difficult.
  6. Bunker traps that are made of sand.
  7. Green — a certain area located near the hole, there is much less grass on it than on the rest of the field.
  8. A divot is a piece of earth and grass that can be torn from the surface of the field with a strong impact.
  9. A draw is a shot from the golfer's right—hand post, but it flies straight, and then to the left side.
  10. Caddy is an assistant, carries and serves clubs, can be an instructor and help in the game at the same time.
  11. Marshall — makes sure that golfers observe etiquette, notes the speed of passing holes in competitions.
  12. Par is the number of strokes allowed for the golfer to drive the ball into the hole. For example, the distance from tee to green is 200 m, in which case the player is given only one par (kick) to score the ball. If the distance from tee to green is 400 m, then two pairs. The distance may be longer, but in this case more vapors are given. Pairs can be negative “-” and positive “+". Negative steam is awarded to the player who has made fewer strokes to score the ball. Positive — to those who have made more attempts. The player who has completed all the holes with the least number of strokes wins, that is, with the greatest negative steam.
  13. Cutt is a small force stroke that causes the ball to roll into the hole on the green, a special putter is used for it.
  14. Pitch is a strong blow, as a result of which the ball flies along the path the golfer needs, does not roll.
  15. The barrier is a deliberate trap to complicate the game.
  16. Pool — the ball flies to the left of the hole.
  17. The push ball flies to the right of the hole.
  18. Raf — an area with tall grass, from which it is more difficult to knock it out, is used as a barrier or trap.
  19. Tee is a wooden stand or a special platform from which the game begins on each hole.
  20. Fairway — between the tee and the green there is a plot where medium-length grass grows, it is he who bears this name.

Rules of the game of golf

The management of the game of golf is quite strict, while in most cases players are allowed to use some imagination and their own strategies to win the match.

The essence of the game is to complete all the holes on the field in the least number of strokes. Therefore, it is important for players to train both long strokes that allow them to get from the tee to the green as quickly as possible, and accurate short rolls that allow them to overcome a short distance and hit the target. There are quite a few rules in golf that can be combined into several provisions.

How are golf matches going

Interestingly, when conducting match competitions, each hole is considered a separate element of the competition. One point is awarded for taking each hole. It is from this account that the winner is determined. To win the fight for the hole, you need to score the ball with the least number of attempts.

It is mandatory to play all the holes in order. On each playing field they are numbered from 1 to 9 or 18. Therefore, golfers must pass all of them at competitions. Before proceeding to the next hole, it is necessary to score the ball in the previous one.

Golf is an exceptionally intelligent and tolerant game, therefore, in addition to the basic rules, there is also etiquette that must be adhered to. According to the decision of the judges, a player can be fined a certain number of points in a match for violating etiquette.

Playing with a golf ball

Interaction with the ball is the basis of golf, so the main section of the rules concerns this very moment:

  • it is forbidden to change the ball during the play of one hole, except when it is damaged and not suitable for playing;
  • it is strictly forbidden to play with someone else's ball, so you need to mark your inventory before starting the game, otherwise penalties will be applied;
  • markers are located in the tee zone for the first strike, it is allowed to install a stand between them or play from the ground, but it is impossible to go beyond them;
  • after the first kick, the player is given 5 minutes to find his ball and identify it;
  • the ball can be covered by leaves, it can be in traps that cannot be touched when hitting, you can push sand or leaves apart when searching until a part of the ball appears;
  • it is forbidden to shift or move the ball in any way, you need to play strictly from the place where it is located;
  • before or during the impact, it is forbidden to remove natural obstacles (leaves, branches, stones) if they are in the bunker, but you can remove artificial ones (bottles, cans, rakes);
  • you cannot hit when the ball is in motion, the exception is water;
  • hitting is allowed only with the head of the club, using other parts, especially objects or legs is strictly prohibited;
  • you can pick up the ball from the ground if it can help a competitor or prevents him from making a shot, but before that you need to put the ball marker on the ground so as not to get a penalty point or lose the hole.

Clubs, equipment, elements of the golf course

The golf course has clear boundaries, each area of the hole too. When the ball goes out of bounds, depending on the rules of a particular competition, a penalty point is awarded, a hole is lost or you can replay the shot. There may be traps, obstacles and obstacles in the area of each hole. Free obstacles that are not fixed and are not in the bunker can be removed. They are branches, leaves, various insects, sometimes even birds. If the obstacle is inside the trap, then they cannot be moved. Obstacles are artificial objects that can also be mobile and stationary. The stationary ones include sprinklers, tracks, urns — they cannot be removed, and you will have to play from the place where the ball stopped. Movable — can be removed without penalties.

Yellow flags and lines can be placed on the field — they mean the boundaries of the water obstacle. In these zones, you can only play from the place where the ball is located. There are flagpoles at the holes, it is wrong to drive the ball into them without pulling out the flags. If the ball is in the green, you need to pull out the flagpole yourself, ask the caddie or another participant to do it. If the ball hits the flagpole when it is in the hole, penalty points will be awarded, up to the loss of the hole.

Players with a full set of necessary clubs are allowed to play. The bag with them throughout the game should be with the caddie. You can also ask him for advice on strikes, tactics, holes. You can't ask other participants anything other than clarifying the rules or the number of points.

Etiquette while playing at Elms Golf Club

In addition to the basic rules of golf, there is a certain etiquette. This is not just a set of recommendations that are worth following. For its violation, they can be fined, take away points or suspended from participating in competitions.

Among the main rules of etiquette in golf:

  1. The main rule of etiquette is nobility and spirit. The absence of a referee implies a full demonstration of honesty, nobility and honor by all participants. In the game, it is necessary to observe discipline, be polite to other participants, despite the thirst for victory.
  2. Before making a hit, it is necessary to make sure that the player does not touch anyone present with a stick. You should also carefully make sure that the group of people walking in front, including the club staff, is not in danger from the trajectory of the flying ball. If the kick is made, and the ball flew towards people, it is necessary to immediately shout "Handicap!".
  3. You can not distract other players with conversations, movements, electronic devices, setting the ball out of turn and by any other means.
  4. You need to stay on the green until the other players finish the hole, while standing so as not to cast a shadow or be on the other player's putt line.
  5. You can't intentionally delay the game. The rules of the tournament can set a certain pace, which all players must meet, keeping up with their group.
  6. Upon the onset of his turn, the golfer must immediately approach the ball without lingering. Bags, electronic devices and other items must be removed in advance.
  7. If a piece of soil was torn out during the impact, it does not matter whether it is small or large, after leaving, the surface of the field should be carefully leveled, the broken objects of the bunkers should be corrected, shoe marks and other defects should be removed.
  8. It is necessary to take care of the property of clubs, not to hit the field with clubs, the green, step carefully, do not break objects in irritation, behave with restraint and discipline.

Players who have committed one or more minor violations may be issued a warning. In case of systematic violation of etiquette, as well as infringement of other players, a decision may be made to suspend a player from the match.

Membership Fees

Single Membership - $750.00 - Includes unlimited golf, league play, tournament play (GHIN fees, league dues/entry fees not included)

Double Membership - $1090.00 - (Husband/wife or couple) *Includes unlimited golf, league play, torunament play (GHIN fees, league dues/entry fees not included)

Weekday Membership - $475.00 - *Includes unlimited Weekday golf and league play. (GHIN fees, league dues, tournament and weekend play not included)

Family Membership - $120.00 per child - *Add a child (18 years & under) to either a single or double membership

Student Membership - $300.00 - (21 Under)

Early bird incentive - The first 10 membership forms received, will receive 3-18 hole w/cart Guest Passes($105 value) for the season!

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Attention Elms Members

Attention Elms Members. This week is your last week to sign up for the Member Guest! We are getting close to max capacity so please do not wait to sign up. It’s three fun days of golf, food, and friends you do not want to miss! Feel free to call the proshop @ 315 387 5297 or stop in to sign up.


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Presidents cup

The bracket is officially set for this years 2023 Presidents cup! Congrats to everyone who qualified for this years presidents cup. The presidents cup is a match play event, that is handicapped based on your USGA GHIN handicap. All the scorecards are inside the elms proshop so get in touch with your match and dual it out. The first round must be finished by 7/24!


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Jul 2023
Elms Club Championship

Attention Elms Members, sign ups are now open for the 2023 Elms Club Championship!! Let’s see if someone can dethrone last years winner Bill Yerdon!! feel free to call the shop or stop in during the day to sign up. The pro shop is looking forward to another competitive year for this years Club Championship!


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